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Pain is a signal from our body that something is not right. Most types of physical pain can be treated with pain relievers.


Pain Killers / Relief Medication


The aim of taking medication is to improve your quality of life. All painkillers have potential side effects, so you need to weigh up the advantages of taking them against the disadvantages.

Pain is often mistreated or undertreated and can lead to depression, insomnia, lethargy and reduced physical and mental functioning. Successful control is more likely to be achieved if a proper assessment is made, which should include:

The site of the pain.
The duration, speed of onset and whether the pain is intermittent or constant.
The character of the pain - this will indicate whether it is neuropathic or nociceptive, somatic or visceral.
Aggravating and relieving factors.
Impact on daily living.
Social, emotional and psychological aspects.
Severity - use of pain scales can make this more objective.

Emotional, environmental and social factors are becoming increasingly recognised as issues which need to be addressed in the management of chronic pain.



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  1. Naproxen

    Naproxen is a powerful anti-inflammatory painkiller. It is used to relieve muscular and joint pain as these normally also involve some sort of inflammation. Naproxen can be taken twice daily with or after food whilst pain is present.

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