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Altitude Sickness

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Altitude sickness is a common condition. It can occur when you climb or drive to a high altitude. It is the decrease in atmospheric pressure that makes it harder to breath.


altitude sickness


Altitude sickness is fairly common among those who spend time at high altitudes, such as mountaineers and skiers. In its mildest form, altitude sickness can occur at heights over about 2,500m (8,000 feet) above sea level, which is a common height for many ski resorts. However, the more severe symptoms of altitude sickness tend to occur at altitudes of 3,600m (about 12,000 feet) and above.

As you climb or travel (ascend) to altitude the air becomes thinner. Due to the lower pressure of the air, there is less oxygen available per breath. This lack of oxygen triggers changes in your body to help it adjust to its new environment. These normal changes are 'acclimatisation'. This means that your body is changing to help manage the new conditions. Changes include breathing faster than usual, getting more short of breath with increased activity (exertion) and passing urine more frequently.



More information on altitude sickness and it's causes

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  1. Acetazolamide 250mg

    Acetazolamide is prescribed for the treatment of altitude sickness. Available in a dosage of 250mg and 112 tablets. The recommended starting dose for Acetazolamide is 250, taken once daily in the morning.
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  2. Prochlorperazine 3mg

    Prochlorperazine works by blocking the nausea "trigger zone" in the brain, and is therefore effective for nausea and vomiting of any cause, including nausea associated with travellers' diarrhoea and altitude sickness. Available in a pack size of 20 tablets.

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