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  1. Pasante Flavours Condoms (12 Condoms)

    Pasante Flavours are designed for extra fun and contain a selection of coloured, fragranced and flavoured condoms. Nominal width 52mm. Non-spermicidally lubricated. Pack contains: 2 blueberry (blue), 2 Mint (green), 2 Strawberry (red), 2 Banana (yellow), 2 Chocolate (brown), 2 Vanilla (transparent), 3 free assorted flavours. Contents of the pack may vary.


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  2. Durex Extra Safe Condoms (2 Condoms)

    Durex Extra Safe Condoms Transparent are slightly thicker natural rubber latex condoms. Easy-On shaped & teat ended for comfort & fit. Extra lubricant for comfort. Nominal width: 56mm


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  3. Durex Tingle Me Condoms (12 Condoms)

    Durex Tingle Me condoms with minty lube for a tingling sensation. Easy on shaped and teat ended for comfort and fit. Transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms. Nominal width 56mm. Durex Tingle Me is not suitable for anal sex.


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3 Item(s)

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