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  1. Avloclor Tablets (20)

    Avloclor provides a degree of protection against malaria in certain countries. For some types of malaria, patients will be required to take more than one type of tablet, at the same time, to help prevent it. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended for non-immune residents and travellers to areas known to carry malaria as these individuals have little or no immunity to malaria and risk severe attacks.


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  2. Riemann P20 SPF20 Triple Pack Sun Protection (3 x 200ml)

    Riemann P20 is a very high quality once a day sunfilter, giving ultra-high protection against the sun's "burning" UVB rays, whilst at the same time letting through the UVA rays that are needed to allow you to tan. Riemann P20 is an SPF20, providing 20 times your own natural protection against the sun.


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  3. Ambre Solaire Light & Silky SPF10 Protection Milk (200ml)

    Ambre Solaire Light & Silky SPF10 Protection Milk is a mositurising milk with an ultras light touch. The ultra light texture is aborbed quickly by the skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky, not sticky or greasy. With a patented photostable filtration system that includes Mexoryl SX, it helps to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Helps protects against sun induced skin damage and the premature ageing effects of the suns harmful rays. 


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  4. Sea Band (one size)

    The Original Sea-Band for morning sickness and travel sickness, works by using acupressure. For travelling, the bands can be put onto your wrists either before or after you have started your journey.


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  5. Avomine Tablets (28)

    Avomine tablets are for the prevention and relief of travel sickness, general nausea and vertigo. Suitable for both long and short journeys and vertigo or sickness after an operation.  


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  6. Mosi-guard Insect Repellent Spray (100ml)

    Mosi-guard Spray is a powerful, natural insect repellent recommended for adults and children from 3 months. For use in high and low risk areas where malaria and other insect transmitted disease are present. Trials have shown effective protection for 10 hours after a single application. Protects against bitting insects, ticks and leeches. Mosi-guard is made from a natural and renewable resource and is kind to your skin.


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  7. Autan Soothing Insect Spray (8ml)

    Cools and soothes the skin. Keeps skin refreshingly cool. Special micropump makes it easy and hyienic to apply. Long lasting. Fresh fragrance.


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  8. Ben's Insect Repellent European Strength Pump Spray (100ml)

    For adults and children over the age of 2 years. Apply sparingly to all exposed skin areas. To apply to the face spray on hands and rub on. Wash hands after applying. Do not use under clothing. Frequent reapplication and saturation is unnecessary for effectiveness. Do not apply to eyes and mouth or to the hands of young children. 


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  9. Autan Active Spray Pump (100ml)

    Autan contains a new patented active ingredient (Bayrepel) developed in the laboratories of Bayer, which belongs to a new generation of insect repellents. Autan Active is effective for up to 8 hours, When applied evenly to the skin, Autan protects you from mosquitoes, midges, ticks and horseflies. Autan's unique formula is non-sticky, non-greasy, has a pleasant fragrance and has been designed to stay effective for longer.


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  10. Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant Sachet (6)

    Correction fluid and electrolyte loss in infants aged 3 months upwards, children and adults. Management of watery diarrhoea.


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