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  1. Quinoderm Face Wash (150ml)

    Quinoderm Face Wash is a concentrated formula which penetrates deep into the skin. Quinoderm wash works by removing dirt and grease from your pores and helps kill the bacteria which can cause spots and pimples. The dual action cleanser also helps to remove cosmetics preventing dirt, grease build up and impurities in the skin. Quinoderm wash can be applied morning and night which means the skin is left feeling clean and healthy.

    PRICE: £3.45

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  2. Carnation Foot Care Cryospray Verruca & Wart Remover Freeze Spray (50ml)

    Carnation Foot Care Cryospray Verruca & Wart Remover Freeze Spray is a fast, effective and easy to use treatment for the removal of verrucas and warts. It works by rapidly freezing the verruca or wart without the need for gels, creams or plasters. One application is usually sufficient with the verruca or wart disappearing or falling off in the next 10-14 days. Persistent verrucas or warts may require two or three applications.

    PRICE: £9.49

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  3. Bazuka Sub Zero (50ml)

    Bazuka Sub Zero is an effective freezing device for removing common warts and verrucas in the convenience of your own home. It works by quickly freezing the wart or verruca, causing it to fall off, often within a couple of weeks of freezing, leaving skin normal underneath.

    PRICE: £11.29

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  4. Salatac Wart Gel (8gt)

    Adults, elderly and children: apply once daily, removing old elastic film formed from previous application on each occasion. No adhesive plaster is required.

    PRICE: £4.99

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  5. Oilatum Lotion (200ml)

    Oilatum Lotion has been developed to soothe and rehydrate irritating dry skin and is also suitable for use on eczema. Based on the tried and trusted Oilatum Bath Formula formulation, Oilatum Lotion is effective, yet gentle on sensitive skins.

    PRICE: £4.29

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  6. Sudocrem Skin Care Cream (30g)

    Sudocrem skin care cream is a versatile cream that is gentle and caring. The handy size tube makes it ideal for a variety of uses at home and its great to take away with you wherever you may be going. Sudocrem cream is a clinically proven formulation to care for delicate skin, forming a barrier which protects against irritants, allowing the skin to maintain its natural, healthy and supple condition.

    PRICE: £2.09

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  7. Hc45 Hydrocortisone Acetate Cream (15g)

    HC45 works by altering the bodys response to inflammatory reactions. It is an effective treatment that reduces inflammation and relieves itching and irritation for up to 12 hours. HC45 also promotes healing. For the treatment of irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, insect bite reactions and mild to moderate eczema

    PRICE: £3.45

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  8. Calamine Lotion (Care) (200ml)

    Care calamine lotion is a mild astringent and antiseptic. It relieves the symptoms of mild sunburn and minor skin conditions.

    PRICE: £1.45

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  9. Quinoderm Cream 5 (50g) OUT OF STOCK

    Quinoderm Cream is a creamy white vanishing cream and contains two active ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide 5% and Potassium Hydroxyquinoline Sulphate which is used to treat and prevent acne. Acne is more common during teenage years and using Quinoderm Cream can prevent mass outbreak and treat any active spots.

    PRICE: £5.99

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  10. Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 50ml

    Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 99.99% clinically proven skin friendly and grease free formula Hospital Grade Moisturising and PH balanced formula key to preventing colds and flu Kill bacterial instantly with our pocket-size bottles
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