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  1. Snoreeze Lozenges (16 Lozenges)

    Snoreeze Lozenges target the main cause of snoring.  Their dual action formulation tones and lubricates the soft tissues at the back of the throat to provide effective snoring relief. 

    PRICE: £6.99

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  2. Quies Anti Snoring Lozenges (12 Lozenges)

    When asleep, the muscles in your mouth, and pharynx relax restricting the passage of air.  The soft palate then vibrates noisily, which is called snoring.  Snoring is worse in the following situations: overweight, fatigue, blocked nose, alcohol and smoking tobacco. 

    PRICE: £7.49

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  3. Snoreeze Nasal Spray (10ml)

    Snoring can be caused by congestion in the nasal passages, which can limit airflow through the nose.Snoreeze Nasal Spray helps reduce or eliminate snoring by actively lubricating the nasal passages.

    PRICE: £9.99

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  4. Quies Anti Snoring Oral Spray (70ml)

    Quies Anti Snoring Oral Spray deposits an even film all around the palate, which facilitates the flow of air and prevents vibrations thus helping to reduce snoring.

    PRICE: £11.99

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  5. Snoreeze Nasal Strips Small/Medium (20 strips)

    Snoring can be caused by congestion in the nasal passages, which can limit airflow through the nose. Snoreeze Nasal Strips contain flexible bands, which gently open the nasal passages, improve airflow and reduce snoring caused by congestion, helping you and your partner enjoy a peaceful night?s sleep. Ideal for snorers suffering from colds, allergies or a blocked nose.

    PRICE: £7.99 

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  6. Breathe Right Nasal Strips Regular Size (10 strips)

    Breathe Right nasal strips open your nose to help you breathe better by providing temporary relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness which can be caused by colds and allergies. By allowing easier breathing through the nose instead of the mouth, breathe right nasal strips may help reduce or even eliminate snoring. Breathe right-breathe better. Sleep better. Unique comfort fitting shape. Special adhesive holds strip comfortably in place. Two flexible "spring-like" pieces pull nasal passages open.

    PRICE: £4.99

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  7. Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 50ml

    Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 99.99% clinically proven skin friendly and grease free formula Hospital Grade Moisturising and PH balanced formula key to preventing colds and flu Kill bacterial instantly with our pocket-size bottles
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7 Item(s)

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