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  1. Sedigel Scalp Moisturising Gel (100ml)

    Sedigel Scalp Moisturising Gel is a clear and colourless gel specifically formulated for convenient and easy application to the scalp.  Clinically tested and dermatologist approved, Sedigel has proven to be safe, mild and kind to skin. 

    PRICE: £3.99

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  2. T Gel Shampoo Anti Dandruff - Dry Hair (250ml)

    When dandruff appears you want to get rid of it fast.  Thats why this product has been developed.  T Gel Shampoo Anti Dandruff - Dry Hair starts working immediately to relieve the itching and flaking of dandruff without drying out your hair. Dermatologist tested.

    PRICE: £6.99

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  3. Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo (100ml)

    Nizoral Dandruff shampoo is used to treat and prevent dandruff and dry or greasy scaling of the scalp (Seborrhoeic Dermatitis), which is more severe kind of dandruff.  Nizoral shampoo contains Ketoconazole, which is an antifungal that targets an increased number of yeasts on the skin called Malassezia. 

    PRICE: £8.79

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  4. Vosene Original Dandruff Prevention Shampoom (250ml)

    Vosene Original Dandruff Prevention Shampoo uses a select blend of deep cleansing ingredients to help maintain the natural protection of your scalp from 1st use.  Leaves hair clean, soft and manageable.  Dermatologically tested formula.  Contains salicylic acid, a highly effective dandruff prevention ingredient.

    PRICE: £1.89

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  5. Boderm Oliprox Anti Dandruff Spray (150ml)

    Boderm Oliprox Anti Dandruff Spray is recommended for dandruff use of the scalp and bodys flaky skin conditions.  Oliprox spray uses an exclusive formulation containing the well established antifungal agents: Climbazole and Piroctone Olamine.  They are known to be effective against microorganismins implicated in dandruff.

    PRICE: £14.99

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  6. Dermacura Shampoo & Conditioner (250ml) PRODUCT DISCONTINUED

    Dermacura shampoo and conditioner is a therapy solution for sensitive scalps prone to psoriasis, dandruff and dry itchy skin.   Contains Jojoba oil and Aloe vera.

    PRICE: £5.99

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  7. Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 50ml

    Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 99.99% clinically proven skin friendly and grease free formula Hospital Grade Moisturising and PH balanced formula key to preventing colds and flu Kill bacterial instantly with our pocket-size bottles
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7 Item(s)

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