The most effective drugs to help your Acne

Everybody hates acne, and those that don’t have never experienced it. The feeling of having bumps, lumps, pimples and spots all over your skin is the furthest thing from pleasant. That’s why modern-day medicine is there to stand by you and relieve as much of your pain as possible, and we’re here to help, too. So here’s a small list of the best drugs you can use to help soften your condition.

Epiduo, containing Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide, is another rather effective drug used to soothe acne. It targets and eliminates itchiness, redness and burning for a long period of time. The only downsides are that it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks to work and it doesn’t always do so successfully. Plus, the side effects can include mild burning, dryness, swelling, peeling, redness and even worsening of the acne, so it’s not the best.

Duac is an extremely effective anti-acne drug made with Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide that is quite fast at eliminating acne. It uses moisturising cream to prevent flaking and drying of the skin, while having very little side effects. But, what makes Duac gel extremely special is how little time it takes to work. Up to 50% of blemishes may disappear in the first two weeks. It won’t cure your acne permanently, but it’s useful for providing a quick-working, pain-relieving medicine.

This new sensation from the medical industry, made with pure Adapalene, has a neat little trick up its’ sleeve. It doesn’t target acne itself, but instead accelerates the growth of skin so that skin cells die and turn into skin flakes for easy removal. Not only does this eliminate dryness and redness, but also neutralises inflammation of the skin, gets rid of whiteheads and blackheads, has no systemic side effects and gets rid of acne for good! It’s also quite cheap, easy to apply and easy to find in most places.

The dosage you take usually depends on how much your Doctor gives you, or how bad your acne is, but Lymecyline is quite the effective acne-killer. In fact, research shows that, unless you’re immune to Lymecyline, about 50% to 66% of your acne will lesions will dissipate. A study in 2003 showed that, when 136 patients took either Lymecyline or Minocyline, and the Lymecyline reduced their inflected acne lesions by about 63%. It may not fully heal you, but it will definitely make things easier.

Hopefully this helps you out when it comes to fixing your acne problem. We recommend working out the side-effects and checking your compatibility with each of the above drugs. If you’ve spoken with your local Doctor about your condition, consider asking them such questions. Thank you for reading.

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