The Best Drugs For Migraines

Migraines are Hell on Earth for many. The awful sensation of your head aching and throbbing over and over, stopping you from sleeping, moving, listening to music, watching TV and playing video games without experiencing excruciating pain has to be one of the worst thing ever. So, we’ve made a short list of the best drugs you can use to soothe your migraines.

Imigran, sometimes incorrectly referred to as Sumatriptan due to how much it contains, is a drug that can be used to soothe and relieve migraines. It is equally effective no matter what stage of the migraine the user is facing, and is simply used to numb the pain from migraines, able to relieve equally as much pain regardless of what stage in the migraine the user is experiencing. It’s not the best, but it’s a cheap and affordable painkiller.

Porpanolol is a slightly lesser-known drug in the medicine industry that is used to treat constant migraines. Unlike imigran, it doesn’t always soothe the pain received from headaches, but it will slowly start to reduce and eliminate the number of migraines experienced in no more than two Months. Side effects vary from patient to patient, though, so you should ask your Doctor or local pharmacist about it if you’re unsure.

Sumatriptan is a surprisingly fast-working drug that can be used to soothe headaches. Sumatriptan tablets start to work about 30 minutes after taking a dose, whereas nasal spray starts to work within 15 minutes. You should check with your local pharmacist for more information, but it’s worth noting that Sumatriptan shouldn’t be used to prevent migraines or cluster headaches before they’ve started, or minor side effects could be experienced.

Another drug, sometimes considered the alternative to Sumatriptan, is another relatively effective anti-headache drug. The time it takes to work varies heavily depending on the physical condition of the patient, but it targets aching, throbbing, nausea, vomiting and even relieves sensitivity to light and sound, eliminating it rather effectively and numbing the pain for about 2 hours. However, you should definitely inquire with your local pharmacist before you start taking Rizatriptan, as it can worsen the side effects of your migraine.

Migraines are no fun to say the least. But, hopefully this new found knowledge helps you out in your search for peace. Remember, results and side-effects can vary between patients, so always make sure to ask your Doctor or pharmacist about these drugs before taking them. Other than that, we hope your pain is soothed thanks to this article.

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