Hay Fever – What To Do When Medication Is No Longer Effective

If you suffer from hay fever, you’ll do almost anything to get rid of those uncomfortable symptoms. Itchy, watery eyes and a constantly runny nose will ruin anyone’s day. But what if normal hay fever medication no longer seems to be working?

If you take over-the-counter medication for hay fever symptoms but are still struggling, it is likely that the tablets are no longer having any effect. This could mean that you no longer have hay fever (known as seasonal rhinitis). Instead, you could be experiencing symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis.

What’s the difference?

The symptoms of hay fever or seasonal rhinitis tend to be triggered by a particular set of allergens. The main one is pollen, from grass, flowers and weeds. Pollen counts are higher at different times of the year – these times being known as ‘hay fever seasons’.

In perennial allergic rhinitis, the allergen triggers come from a wider range of sources. They’re often found around the home, from dust mites and mould to pets. Because these triggers aren’t seasonal, people with the condition can experience symptoms all year round.

The symptoms of both happen when the body creates allergic antibodies in reaction to these substances, as an attempt to fight them off.

Exploring treatment options

The good news is that the symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis can be managed. The first step is always to pay a visit to your GP for a chat about your symptoms. It may be that a particular allergen is causing a problem (i.e. a pet cat or a build-up of dust in your home) and it can be removed. Rather than testing for every allergen under the sun however, it may be simpler to manage the symptoms with medication.

There is effective medication available for sufferers of allergic rhinitis, which can significantly reduce your symptoms. This means you can get on with your everyday life without being plagued with hay fever symptoms all year round.

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