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Our years of experience and knowledge acquired from working within the NHS sector, has led us to develop a healthcare solution which is based on the same principles as the NHS. 

We have highlighted and focused on the need for the patients to be involved in their treatment decision making process. We strongly believe that this approach will allow you to be more compliant with your treatment, and therefore more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

Our Priority will be to assist you,  by practicing within our field of expertise, and allowing you to access medical advice and treatment through a safe, effective and discreet platform.

However there may be instances where we cannot, and will not act as a replacement to your Family GP. In such cases we will always refer you to your own doctor/prescriber where we feel the need to do so. 

Your safety will always be our priority.


Superintendent Pharmacist
Independent Prescriber

Mrs Shahina Mohamed MRPharmS 

Registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council 2067282 , Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the National Pharmacy Association.



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